Yhteisen Kutsu (2023)



Pili Valdivia

Yhteisen Kutsu (2023)



Yhteisen Kutsu
Editorial design for photography exhibition

Galleria Uusi Kipinä

The brief was to design the booklet for a photo exhibition that focused on the themes of dialogue and collective art-making through photography while exploring the challenges of self-curation.

The photographers, Johannes and Risto, curated a diverse selection of pictures, blending pieces from their archives with new creations. The mix of old and new - one and the other, though diverse, needed to feel harmonious.

Instead of having a traditional booklet, we let the visitors choose which photos they wanted to take home inside of an envelope. The envelopes work as a symbol for dialogue and exchange, while the act of selecting their own content content is an invitation for the visitors to become curators of their experience as a reflection of their personal connection with the work.

for Johannes Romppanen

Design [Commercial]

Typography, Editorial, Graphic Design