3:34 Tile Installation (2023)



Pili Valdivia

3:34 Tile Installation (2023)



3:34 Tile Installation
Data Visualisation tiles for the Maule (Chile) Earthquake 2010

Helsinki, Finland

"3:34 am" consists of 60 tiles, each representing a single second in one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded, that occurred in Maule, Chile in 2010. The piece works as a data visualisation, showing the variation of displacement, velocity and acceleration of the earth, as recorded by the Chilean National Network of Accelerographs during the seism.

In parallel, a screen is displaying the full progression of the earthquake’s data, showing one slide per second for the 146 seconds of the duration of the natural phenomena.

The data source was taken from RENADIC Universidad de Chile and it’s open to the public in the following link:
 http://terremotos.ing.uchile.cl/registros/164. I selected the processed data from Constitución, as this location was the closest one to the epicenter. The data was then transformed to JSON format to be used in the code.
Coded in Javascript
Printed with AxiDraw Plotter

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