Las 4 Marías NFTs (2022)



Pili Valdivia

Las 4 Marías NFTs (2022)



Las 4 Marías NFTs
NFT Collection on Foundation

Las 4 Marias is an artwork series of 4 singular NFTs + one 40/40 edition piece. It represents my genesis in the metaverse and a first excursion in the digital art realm. From tarot reading nights, to sexuality revelations, to the last Cocktail d'Amore in the old Griessmuehle club to watching the Starlink constellation illuminate the Berlin darkness. The collection explores my first year in Berlin, as an LGBTQ+ female immigrant.

The NFTs are 4 animated loops of 30 seconds with an original soundscape, and one static promotional piece.

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Role: Graphic Artist

Animation by Alex Barnet
Sound design ft. DJ Alva

Art [Personal]

Illustration, Motion