The Wireframe #1 (2022)



Pili Valdivia

The Wireframe #1 (2022)



The Wireframe #1
Mixed Media Art Installation


Site-specific installation generated for the 5th edition of the Chicx Festival 2022 in Berlin.

The piece explores the human-machine relationship in regards to AI power dynamics, inverting the roles of command and execution. We affect technology, but technology also influences us in return. We ask it to "imagine" and with the outcome it generates, it defines how that thing should be imagined.

By injecting a straightforward text-prompt into the Midjourney bot asking it to "/imagine: a contemporary art installation for the Chicx 2022”, a visual composition is generated. I then committed myself to realise the image in the physical realm with very limited time and no budget. The image became the prompt and I was the machine trying to execute at all cost, inverting the traditional roles of human command and computational execution.

(The sound is also AI generated using the resulting image as a prompt and the light reacts live to the sound in the room).

for Chicx 2022

Role: Artist
Documentation: Alejandro Ramos

Art [Personal]

Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Media