Editorial Design, Illustration

Fractal is an independent published series, composed by five short stories. This group of tiny (or giant) books have something in common: they all make a deep and profound statement about the Universe and our relationship with it.

The Universe: immense, infinite and in constant and perfect movement and growth, according to the Golden Proportion, that also rules this project.

The gradient from blue to red represents the astronomical phenomenon of the redshift and blueshift, that occurs whenever a light source moves away from, or towards an observer.

"The Power of Words" by Allan Poe is a philosophical insight about the origin of the Universe.


"If we go infinitely backward, in a chain of related events, we might, eventually, discover the first original act of creation."


This tiny version was written going backwards, beginning with the end and ending with the beginning.

"The Aleph" by Borges is a deep story that captures the essence of abstract concepts such as eternity, infinity and inmortality. When the protagonist finds a black hole called The Aleph, he sees the whole Universe within. No time (or all of it), no space (or all of it), one single point where all the others converge.

Another Borges' masterpiece. "The Babel Library" is a metaphor about humanity and truth. The library represents the Universe, with all its knowledge.

"If all the knowledge is inside the library, the truth must be there somewhere. But humans are limitated, so even if we dedicate our whole life to this search, the possibilities of finding what we are looking for, tend to zero."


This story was written inside a soup of letters, that overflows the pages with insignificant content, in the middle of which lies the truth.

"Aquiles and the Turtle" is an old fable about the relativity between time and space. This edition is written in accordion, empowering the concept "distance".

The fable shows how distances are about the perception we have of them, so this version starts with just one word per page (easy and fast to read) and ends with long (heavy to read) lines. The reader might be finishing the book, yet beginning the story. 

"An Imperial Message" is a short story written by Kafka. It's about the travel of a messenger that has to deliver an important little paper from the dying king, but the more he walks, the bigger the empire gets. So this edition is about expantion.

A purely conceptual and experimental work, with an emphasis on anthropology and philosophical literature.