Type Design

Obsydiana is the 7th album of the infamous chilean songwriter Fernando Milagros and contains the EP "Cenizas" and "Un Nuevo Ritmo".

The brief was to develop a custom typography to go with the very cinematographic photography to bring it a subtle amount of femininity into the piece. 

Typography developed using as Cincel as a starting point.

Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 12.33.07.png
Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 12.22.41.png
Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 13.05.23.png
Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 13.16.50.png
OBSYDIANA_Tour MX-CL_Afiche_1.png
OBSYDIANA_Tour MX-CL_Afiche_2.png